Diehl Evaluation

Project Scope: Database Application to Administer and Evaluate Social Work Questionnaires and Results
Features: Process management, Questionnaire Engine, Scheduled Alerts, CSV Export, Tiered Access Levels

Diehl Evaluation needed a way to manage and evaluate the outcomes of social work programs. They needed a tool that would give the social workers a user friendly interface for inputting their questionnaire results, and managing their questionnaire process, and their patientsí progress. Also, the project administrator needed to be able to track and aggregate statistics on the social workersí productivity, patientís progress and the overall success rates within the treatment plans.

Our online database application provided them with a user-friendly interface where many social workers around the US can simultaneously, and securely, input their data. The application also helps the social workers manage the process by providing the social workers with reminders to administer patient questionnaires when needed. Also the administrator is given specific dash-board data allowing them to easily see alerts appropriate for them, and management metrics.

This project will reduce waste and save time by eliminating paper entry, and reduce errors by eliminating the need to transfer paper records into a digital format. This application helps the social workers provide their service more accurately and thoroughly. Finally, it improves the quality and timeliness of data for the project evaluator.