Principal Web Solutions has strategically chosen technologies to build our business on. These technologies are Enterprise Class, and built for stability and security.

PHPPHP  PHP is a widely-used server side scripting language. PHP was especially designed for web applications, and is a powerful and dynamic language. PHP is also an Open Programming Platform, which means that it is not constrained to the licensing requirements and platform dependence of most proprietary languages.

MySQLMySQL  MySQL is the worlds most popular open source database engine. It is powerful, and fast. MySQL is highly scalable and dominates the field of Internet databases, being used by Yahoo!, Google, CriagsList, and thousands of other high-profile Internet businesses.

Ruby on RailsRuby On Rails  Ruby on Rails is a platform designed for Rapid Application Development. It allows web applications to be built quickly using less code. Ruby on Rails can be very useful for Rapid Prototyping, and for creating Rich Internet Applications quickly.

LinuxLinux  Our hosting is based on Linux and Apache. In simple terms, Linux is an Open Source version of UNIX. It is an inexpensive, secure and stable Operating System. Linux Servers power the majority of web servers on the Internet today.

ApacheApache  Apache is the web server software that our hosting platform uses. It is the dominant web server software on the Internet today, serving over half of the websites on the Internet.

WordpressWordPress WordPress is an elegant and powerful personal publishing system. It is the leading blogging engine, and is built on PHP and MySQL. WordPress has a full set of features such as page and graphics management. It is search engine friendly by nature, and supports a wide variety of community developed plugins. Wordpress makes it easy to manage your site's pages even if you don't use the blogging feature.
Why Choose Wordpress?

JoomlaJoomla  Joomla is a leading open source Content Management System. It is highly powerful and flexible, and is built on PHP and MySQL. Joomla also has an active community of developers who write add-on components that extend the functionality of Joomla. Joomla allows businesses to have a full featured site that can be updated regularly by their staff.

YahooYahoo! Stores  Yahoo! Stores are a solid, reliable, and scalable ecommerce platform. They offer UPS integration, Excellent Database management, and tracking capabilities. Yahoo Store and Yahoo Merchant Solutions truly offer everything that most ecommerce businesses need.

KyozouKyozou  Kyozou is a provider of multi-channel selling. In addition to your storefront website, Kyozou provides feeds that allow you to show your products on eBay, Amazon, Google Base,, Shopzilla, and Pricegrabber.