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Steven Lukemeyer

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Dear Vi:

As you know, earlier this year, I decided it was time to move forward in the development of a website I have wanted to create to provide a service needed in the real estate industry. I had a very specific concept in mind. The ease of functionality and user-friendliness of the site was of paramount importance to me, and critical to the success of the site. As I researched and interviewed multiple web design and development companies in the area, your company stood out. Before I even hired Principal Web Solutions, you spent a significant amount of time learning what it is that I wanted. It was quickly apparent to me that you had the expertise and commitment to service that I wanted, and to be honest, expected from a professional service company.

I am writing to tell you, and whoever else is willing to listen, that Principal Web Solutions consistently exceeded my expectations. From our first meeting forward, you and Darrell focused in on what I wanted, and then took it from concept to creation, continuing to improve it to a level far beyond that which I had originally envisioned. Your company created the classy, professional, and functional website and ecommerce business that I envisioned. Thank you for the fantastic work you and Darrell have done.

I did not get the chance to work with John much, but when I did, he seemed to have the same dedication to service. That commitment to taking care of your customers will definitely keep me as a loyal client, and will allow me to confidently refer friends and colleagues to you any chance I get.

Steven G. Lukemeyer