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Yahoo GeoCities is closing. It is time to find new hosting.

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Yahoo has announced that their free webhosting service, GeoCities, will be closing later this year. The discontinuation of services also includes GeoCities Plus. The service has help many individuals to organizations get on the web easily for free in the early days of public internet. Some sites still use it today and have constant fresh content and many viewers. But later this year those sites will have to find some place new.

Need need a web host? Principal Web Solutions can transfer your website, give you a personalized domain name, email, and tech support. We can handle all the technical details for you and hosting management. Want a fresh new web design? We can also give a you a new design and add CMS features like blogs, galleries, and general page management. Give your visitors a warm welcome to your new location with a fresh new site.

In the current economy you never know which free hosting service may call it quits next. The sooner you move to a new host, the more time you get to direct users to your new location. Don’t wait until the last minute when your site is gone and know one knows where to go. Contact Principal for help today.